Ball & Socket Couplings

Ball & Socket Couplings are fast effective means of coupling pipe, hoses, and fittings in for a wide range of applications. In today's competieve agricultural and industrial market, high performance pumps demand high performance couplings. The high degree of rotation couplings allows non-perfect alignment of pipe and hose. They are not affected by dirt, mud, as are cam-loc, threaded, or bolt-on couplings. The couplings are fully contained and therefore no clamps or other clamping devices that could get lost. For added locking assurance, a security lock composed of a small hole on the coupling's hooks and a pin acting as a block to avoid accidental opening of the coupling is available on the "D" and "B" series. Ball & Socket Couplings are available in the popular Bauer style or the Italian 100/200 Series style.


  • Fast, flexible, strong & safe
  • High performance couplers & fittings
  • Can be used on both suction & discharge applications
  • Quick-action couplings in sizes 2" through 12"
  • Can be used to connect aluminum, steel, stainless steel or HDPE pipe & hoses
  • Secure locking pins to avoid costly spillages
  • Vacuum-tight "O" ring seal
  • 14 to 30 degree coupling flexibility in all directions to compensate for misalignments and rough terrain
  • Standard and custom-built steel and aluminum fittings available
  • Couplings available in black, galvanized, powder coated steel, stainless steel 304 or cast aluminum
  • Will handle water pressures from 58 psi to 290 psi
  • No special tools to couple or uncouple
  • Three styles available (D, A, B)

End Users:

  • Industrial, Mining & Commercial Contractors
  • Irrigators
  • Hose distributors
  • Municipal & Utility Crews

Used in:

  • Hose assemblies
  • Pump connections
  • Pipeline connections
  • Fittings (elbows, tees, wyes, valves, adapters, etc.)
  • Custom-built fittings that work for you


  • Irrigation systems
  • Dewatering & drainage
  • Bypass for water & sewer lines
  • Water transfer (fresh & waste water)
  • Gas lines
  • Dredging
  • Mining & tunneling
  • Civil engineering projects
  • Food processing
  • Emergency water supply
  • Sludge handling
  • Conveyance for powder or granular materials
  • Vacuum & compressed air
  • Road construction
  • Exhaust gas emission
  • Oil industry applications
  • Well point
  • Pumps & pumping stations
  • Slurry & liquid manure
  • Building & road construction
  • Oil production
  • Bentonite transfer

D-101   Safety pin optional   Economical coupling available in sizes 4" & 6"
A-201 NO safefty pin Largest coupling available in sizes 6", 8", 10", 12"
B-301 Safety pin optional Bauer style coupling available in sizes 2", 3", 3-1/2", 4", 5", 6", 8" & 12"

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